The ultimate guide to sourcing tech talent
(in unconventional places)

Where (and how) to find hidden candidates—from GitHub to Goodreads

Only 15% of tech pros are actively applying for jobs, but almost three-fourths are open to something new. Where are these passive candidates? We created the ultimate guide to sourcing tech talent to help you find them (before your competitors do).

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What’s covered?

1 Creative places to source tech talent

Nine new places to source the tech talent you need—beyond traditional channels like networking sites, job boards and employee referrals.

2 Tips for qualifying potential candidates

How to tell if a candidate has the right education, experience and skills based on their online profiles.

3 Ways to narrow your search

Strategies for optimizing your search on sourcing channels (even ones with millions of users) so you can find exactly who you’re looking for.

4 How to avoid getting ignored (or ghosted)

The right ways to reach out to potential candidates to improve response rates (and stop getting flagged as spam).