5 Strategies to attract tech talent (even if you're not a tech company)

Seen Webinar Series

Red Ventures joins Seen by Indeed to discuss how they reach and engage in-demand tech talent from the very first interaction.

Red Ventures Webinar (Employers)

Webinar overview

It’s a candidate’s market. Companies have to stand out to engage and bring on tech talent—but you don’t have to be a FAANG company to do it. And you don’t have to be a “tech company” either. Join Seen for our webinar featuring Red Ventures where we share strategies you can use to rise above the rest and you’ll learn how to:


  • Take referrals beyond “who do you know that’s looking?” 
  • Nurture tech talent before they get into your pipeline 
  • Create a candidate experience to take talent over the finish line 


Watch now  to join Ted Prendergast, Manager of Technology Recruiting at Red Ventures, and Tiffany Holbrook, Customer Success Strategist at Seen, and take your tech talent from “hi” to “hired.”