Personality tests in tech hiring: Can they help you find (and keep) "the one"?

Seen Webinar Series

Psychology Specialist, Rachel Stewart Johnson, joins Seen by Indeed’s Tiffany Holbrook in a wide-ranging discussion on how sourcers, recruiters and HR specalists can go beyond the resume to attract and retain talent.

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Webinar overview

Can you get to know a candidate before you ever pick up the phone?

Seen teamed up with personality assessment company Traitify for a discussion on how personality assessments can help solve some of the biggest tech hiring challenges. You’ll learn how personality assessments like the Big Five can help you:

•Stand out to candidates that align with your company’s core values and add to your culture
•Create highly engaging, personalized candidate experiences
•Look beyond the resume to uncover false claims and exaggerations

Have any burning questions already? Drop them in the form below. And don’t worry if you can’t make it—we’ll send you a recording of the webinar if you register.